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    Welcome to a world of fantasy, imagination, humor and color; all combined in these delightfully whimsical collection by Carlos Muñoz and Albert Ickenroth.

    Albert is a native Dutchman, where he studied art and culture as a youth, became enamored of the great masters, and ultimately discovered his talent for working in paper mache, bronze and copper. In the middle 1970's he vacationed in Mexico and was fascinated by the people, culture and colors. He returned on a more permanent basis and met Carlos Muñoz, a native of Guadalajara, and an emerging artisan on his own right.

    Carlos had studied art at the prestigious Cavanas Institute in Guadalajara.  He had also apprenticed with the area's finest craftsmen and studied privately with several university art professors. 

   The two began working together as Carlos & Albert in 1990, creating life-size and larger animals in porcelain as well as paper mache and fiber glass being the creators of the most non moving animals for all the Rain Forest Cafe.

They add warmth and expression to homes throughout the world.

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